Turner First Aid, Safety and Security Training

Our courses feature practical hands-on, real-world training in a wide range of areas.

All of our courses are designed to allow you to develop the professional knowledge and skills needed to open a world of opportunity. You’ll acquire the tools and techniques needed to secure one of the many in-demand jobs in a range of sectors, including Oil & Gas, Mining, Forestry, Construction and others.

Best of all, our firm is constantly hiring, so after successfully completing your training program you’ll have an excellent chance at being offered employment with one of the firms under the Turner Group of Companies.

Our training process begins with an informal interview. We sit down with you and discuss what security and first aid is really like. We’ll talk about what the job entails, what you hope to achieve and what duties you can expect to perform, the pay levels and future opportunities. During the interview process, some people realize they are not suited for the job or that they had different expectations. We’ll give you our honest appraisal about whether this is the best job for you and if you should enroll in the program. We want to ensure we provide you with the best opportunity to succeed.

Unlike other training agencies, we are not just here just to take your money. We care about the people entering their chosen profession and we want to help you make the best informed decisions.

Mission Statement

Ensuring students complete their training curriculum confident in the knowledge they possess all of the skills required to safeguard the lives of their charges.